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The Boughey Trust

There are 9 Trustees also 3 ex officio Trustees, The Rector of Newport, The Headmaster of Adams Grammar School and one Trustee appointed by Newport Town Council.

The Barley Mow Hotel was sold in 1926 to the Newport Brewery Company for £4,600.

After the 1939/45 war a large number of properties in Newport came on the market.  These were mostly part of the estates of deceased traders and were generally in poor condition.  They were acquired by the Trust for reasonable sums and over the years were renovated and improved, then in most cases sold to the sitting tenants. As a result, the original endowment has been considerably enhanced enabling the Trust to assist many organisations in the town and district in furthering the objects laid down by Sir Thomas Boughey.

The Trust still owns Chetwynd House which has been converted into 6 flats, 129 High Street (Longford Playgroup) also the cottage at the Tennis Courts, which had been used until recently for the caretaker of the Courts, it is now let privately. In addition, prior to the last war, the Trust provided the town with 4 hard tennis courts which are still operated and maintained for the benefit of the inhabitants of Newport and district.

In the early 1990’s the trust had acquired both portions of The Guildhall and because of the historic nature the property had, after investigations, decided that this should be preserved for posterity.  Accordingly, in 1992/93 arrangements were made to lease the property to Newport Town Council for 99 years at a peppercorn rent to enable the Council to undertake the extensive programme of repairs and refurbishment which has now reached fruition.  The Trust still manages The Pop In at the rear of the Guildhall.

Recent donations includes Christmas Lights, Combat Stress, Cottage Care, Rotary Lite for First Responders, Cubs and Scouts, Guides and Brownies, Age Concern, Newport in Bloom, Longford Playgroup, Newport Carnival and many other clubs.

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The Boughey Trust: Sir Thomas Fletcher Boughey (Bart) and Dame Sarah Annabelle Lady Boughey of Aqualate Hall near Newport Shropshire were both staunch supporters of Newport and acknowledged philanthropists.  They generously supported, and in many cases endowed, a large number of the activities in Newport and the surrounding area.

Sir Thomas Boughey died on the 30th August 1906.  By his will he left the Barley Mow Hotel in Newport to Lady Boughey on trust for her to establish a trust for ‘promoting the healthy and beneficial occupation of the inhabitants of Newport and district’ and by a Trust Deed of the 15th October 1906, Lady Boughey established the Trust in accordance with her late husbands wishes.

In 1937 the Trust was incorporated as a company limited by guarantee and it was subsequently approved by the Lord Chancellor as a Trust Corporation enabling it to hold property belonging to other trusts and organisations as a Custodian Trustee.